Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pull Out Your Woolies

I think you all know exactly how I feel about Merino Wool- diiiiiivine. This time of year is perfect for pulling out your woolies before heading out. Here are some of most recent favs.

SmartWool NTS Mid Weight Bottoms

I haven't yet splurged on these bottoms yet, but I can often be found drooling over them online and in stores. A friend on a recent bike trip described her pair of these SmartWool bottoms as sooooo worth it.

Wool Buff

I've always thought that Buff's were a pretty handy item to bring hiking and camping- particularly as the weather turns cooler. I was psyched to see that they recently came out with a Merino Wool Buff. I've sported mine on a few rides and hikes and find it to be a smart investment. It's always "just right" in a pinch for my ears, head or neck.

Ibex El Fito 3/4 Knickers

I scooped a pair of these up at the recent Ibex tent sale. These things will make you wonder why you ever thought you could or should wear spandex. They're comfy, warm, and slick looking. About 500 times better than spandex. I am now converted to Ibex for biking.


Christine said...

I have a wool buff too and I love it - one of the best things I have bought for hiking/biking. Need to check out the Ibex next! Great reviews! -keep em coming - I need to find new winter gear this year..

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Thanks for the comment Christine! I find the wool buff to be awesome- great for just ears, emergency hat, nose and neck. It's especially nice this time of year for biking. I find that a lot of the time I leave the house thinking it's warmer than it is- so in a pinch the buff has worked for ears so many times :)