Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get Ready

I can't even believe that winter is almost here. While I tend to be more of a summer/fall/spring person than a winter person- every year I aim for becoming more of a winter person. (These pics are from this past winter :)

The team

Snow Face Dog

I've definitely learned that the best way to befriend winter is to get outside frequently. Forget the frigid temps and biting wind- there's some sun at least!

The Almost Snowball

The Almost Snowball

Take That Leash Off Me!


Richard said...

I'm not much of a winter person either, but I could be persuaded if we got some snow down here.
Your dog seems to enjoy winter well enough. Perhaps we both could learn something from your four legged friend.

Richard said...

What are those things over your pants in the first photo?

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Hey Richard! Yup Misty loves the outdoors but she is a little 50/50 on the winter thing. When there is snow and it is warm (like 40's +) she likes it. When it is sub 30, she thinks it stinks.

Those are my gaiters! I know they look super stylish and you are probably wondering- where can I get me a pair of them (jk!).

Thanks for your comments :)