Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Outdoor Blogs for Women

I've been culling my list of the best outdoor sites or blogs for women. Some are by women or for women. Some of them are companies, groups, or organizations for women. It's heavy on biking blogs, but there is a little something for everyone. Without further ado- The Best of Outdoor Blogs for Women. Enjoy!

Gear Gals

Gear Gals is a blog dedicated to reviewing and featuring outdoor gear reviews for women. Not only are their reviews helpful and insightful- but they also have a pretty spiffy dress up section too.

Outdoor Industry Women's Coalition (OIWC)

The Outdoor Industry Women's Coalition is a group that brings outdoor industry women together through online networking, networking events, and kick ass professional development. Really a must join group for any female currently working in or interested in the outdoor industry.

Women's Adventure Magazine

Seriously one of my favorite sites to stop by. They have killer reader adventures posted on their blog, you can read past issue or current issues ONLINE. For reels. Amazing photograpy, writing, and inspiration for women adventurers.

Rock Climber Girl

Rock Climber Girl is a truly inspiring blog. She details her climbing adventures, provides tips and tricks on gear and climbing.

Specialized Bikes- Women

Specialized Bikes has truly expanded their women's bike selection. They're one of the few companies that really analyzes women's geometry and builds better bikes for female riders. More than that- they've got an inspiring website and have really spread out across multiple social media. Check them out on twitter or facebook. Specialized has been kicking butt in the women's specific arena- but here is my challenge for them. Remember the Specialized Trail Crew from last year? Well I think we really think we need to see a Women's Bike Crew...What do you say Specialized?

Outdoor Parent

The Outdoor Parent hasn't posted since last year, but they have a great collection of articles for parents who want to be outdoors with their family.

Mudd Bunnies

A women's biking club out of Vancouver, BC featuring forums, tips, and teams for downhill, freeride, or cross country mountain bikers. Oh, I so wish I lived nearby!

Outdoor Divas

Outdoor Divas are based out of Colorado and feature clothing, gear, killer events and classes for multiple sports.

Velo Mom

Connecting women, bikes, and their children. Truly informative posts on biking, pregnancy and biking, and kids.

Expand Outdoors

Totally original and authentic- a life coach with a specialty in the outdoors.

She Pedals Magazine

It's really pretty flipping fantastic that the bike industry has morphed enough to allow for a women's specific cycling magazine. She Pedals features reviews, industry news, and features on top athletes.

Chicks with Picks

Chicks with Picks is a site for women rock climbers and ice climbers. Their site features a blog, newsletters, and merchandise for female climbers. They also have amazing clinics all around the country for women climbers.

Hiking Lady

The Hiking Lady blog mainly features reviews and tips for women who hike or backpack. Honestly- she has some great tips on lacing your boots to prevent blisters as well as video features. A must check out blog!

Girl Mtn Biker

Girl Mtn Biker is a brand new site for women mountain bikers. Currently they feature a blog, reviews for women, and a great event section. I expect that we will be seeing more and more as this site begins to unfurl.


Terry has been making bikes and cycling gear for women before it was cool. Now they're still kicking butt and taking names in all things female and bike related.

Girls Outdoors

Girls Outdoors is a great forum for women outdoor athletes. Whether you bike, paddle, ski, or run- Girls Outdoors has tips, reviews, events, and inspiration for everyone.

Bike Shop Girl

A site dedicated to helping women handle more of the mechanics in biking, reviews on gear, and bike industry info.

Women's Wilderness Institute

Courses, news, tips, and inspiration for both the seasoned outdoors women to young girls.

See any great sites or blogs that I missed? Please comment below and we may include them in future posts!


Katie said...

This list definitely includes some of my favorite by-women-for-women blogs. It's also got new blogs I need to check out. Thanks so much for compiling it!

Liz (@epaush) said...

I agree - these are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Thanks Katie! Thanks Liz! Just visited your blogs- great stuff!!!

Eileen said...

Nice list, I nominate Katie and Liz's blogs to it as well!

Hiking Lady said...

Great blog! Thanks for adding Hiking Lady to your list. Hope those blister prevention tips make your feet happy on the trail! They sure work wonders for me :)

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Thanks Hiking Lady! You have great tips and vlog posts- keep 'em coming!

Thanks for the noms Eileen! I'm thinking of doing this list monthly. So I will be sure to do some adding then!

@womenoutdoors said...

Such a great list! We're actually featuring Chicks Climbing this entire week on our site. They just finished their first climbing clinic of the year in Red Rocks, NV and one of the guides (the amazing Dawn Glanc) is our guest writer and photographer for the week. Glad to see them and some of our other friends on here... and to meet new ones!

Also, just got introduced to your site from the head honcho of our Seattle chapter- glad to meet you as well! Gonna go peruse around. You've done a great job with the design!

Fish Cop said...

Thanks for the list of blogs- I haven't found a list like this anywhere else. I'm a female game warden in need of some good outdoor woman websites!

monica devine said...

Glad to touch bases. Read about life in Alaska here!