Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big Agnes Tent Shopping

A fateful tent pole snap while setting up our tent this summer has put us in the market for a new tent. For years we've been happy with our dual door and vestibule, lots of mesh EMS Tristar tent. We've trucked around many a states, forests, and campsites with our trusty tent.

Toliet Papered in the Wilderness

While this tent has been great in downpours, muggy weather, and extreme bug attacks- its downfall has really been with the tent poles. Year two a pole snapped and EMS swapped it out for us. Year four the poles were getting really crackly around the openings and the cord was getting extremely stretched so we ordered new ones from a tent pole company in Colorado.

Misty in Tent

The new poles worked well for about two years and then we had to get new ones due to similar wear factors. So when this year we had a full splintering of a pole segment- we duct taped and decided that we needed a new tent for next year. Enough of the duct tape, sealent, and water proof spraying- we needed something new.

Tent by Campfire

So after several months of debating and checking out lots of websites, I think I am leaning towards a Big Agnes tent. Here are my two top picks:

The Emerald Tent has basically every one of our important tent characteristics. We like dual doors, lots of mesh, and dual vestibules. What really made me interested in this tent is the optional zip on vestibule that really enlarges tent space. What a great retreat for those colossal late day downpours.

Fly Creek UL2

The other options I've narrowed it down to is the Fly Creek UL2. While this tent doesn't have dual doors & vestibules and the mesh is significantly less than the Emerald Tent, it's super lightweight coming in at just 2 lbs. 10 oz.

We've started to put some longer miles together backpacking and have been really feeling it with tent weight. We may just be willing to give up a few things to cut down weight.

The Big Agnes tents seems to have some interesting setup/tent pole features which may be slightly tricky to set-up. Anyone out there sporting a Big Agnes tent have any feedback about the tent poles?

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