Wednesday, February 23, 2011


If you are a mountain biker- no doubt you have heard of 29er bikes. With larger outside diameter of the wheel 29er bikes roll faster, tackle obstacles easier, and corner better- at least that's what everyone is saying. I have yet to ride one and of course there are the naysayers who want objective scientific data.

I'll give someone some scientific data if they give me a 29er. How's that sound?

Anyway, just wondering what you'all thought. Do you ride a 29er? Have you ridden a 29er? Know something more about them than I do? Drop a comment and share the wealth.

In the mean mean ride. Specialized's Myka 29er.


Richard said...

I will never ride another 26 inch wheel bike again.

Betty Mountain Girl said...

nuff said right?! I haven't heard from anyone that said they didn't like riding a 29er. Mainly people that just didn't believe in the power of 2-9.

Richard said...

I find the stability of a 29er unmatched and the climbing power beyond my expectations. The 29er dominates on technical sections and fire road speed once you get those big wheels going. The only area where a 29er lags is in super twisty single-track at speed, but I'll take that for the superior behavior everywhere else.

Jeff Moser said...

I've been riding 29ers for a few years now. I'd have a hard time buying another 26" mountain bike. I do have a 26" hardtail as a backup bike, but I'm always wishing I would've taken my Surly Karate Monkey whenever I ride it! I also ride single speed and rigid, and the big wheels allow me to do more with less.