Monday, February 21, 2011

Bike Season Freakout

Okay, it is time to officially start freaking out about biking season. It’s close. Very close. In fact, if you slacked off all winter eating bonbons at Christmas letting your bike trainer and bikes collect dust- you are officially feeling the freak out.

So what’s a slightly out of shape biker to do? Here are some options:

Mountain Biking Plank Bridge
  • Continue to procrastinate- it has worked so far
  • Read blog posts about how to get in shape for bike season- check plus- you’ve started this one already. See, I knew you could do it.
  • Buy a bunch of cycling gear- This way even if you aren’t the fastest or most nimble rider you at least look like you are.
  • Join the gym- Not sure how this is really connected to cycling, but surely looking at yourself in the mirror everyday for thirty minutes as you run on a rat wheel- I mean treadmill- will inspire you to get your wheels on the road.
  • Start writing about how awesome of a rider you are on bike forums- wait there are already enough bike geeks doing that already. You are better than that.
  • Look at old pictures of yourself riding- see you used to ride before it got all sub zero and snowy and stuff.


Jessica said...

Yes, I am feeling the ferakout already, The last few days in Seattle have been gorgeous and bike-ride inspiring (more like yearning because I didn't actually do it). My boyfriend just finished a 100 mile mountain bike race and the best I have been doing is spin class twice a week since December. I panic about being too out of shape to keep up.

Betty Mountain Girl said...

hey Jessica- Thanks for your comment! The weather is what got me thinking (and freaking out!) about bike season too. We had one really nice warm day last week here in NH and I'm already started pulling out my bike gear :)

Beth @ Mud and Manolos said...

I made the most out of the warm spell we had in NY last week and took a nice long bike ride. I was pleasantly surprised by how much fitness I've maintained. Makes me wonder if I should finally give road racing a try.

Have fun pulling out your bike gear, such a fun activity (sort of like Christmas all over again).

Betty Mountain Girl said...

Hey Beth- thanks for your comment! It's funny how a slight increase in temps (for us it was in the high 50s low 60s) suddenly gets the wheels spinning :)

You should try road racing! I've only raced mt bikes, but the fitness achieved to race on the road must be awesome.