Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hiking the 4000 Footers: North and Middle Tripyramid 8.20.2012

North and Middle Tripyramid (4180 ft; 4140 ft)
9.6 miles round trip
3300 feet of elevation gain
Pine Bend Brook Trail; Mount Tripyramid Trail

Our hike up the Tripyramids was a very nice moderately hot and humid day. The beginning of the trail involves lots of stream and river crossings- all of them very uneventful due to the low water table this year. 

Hiking Tripyramids

The initial section of the trail was very quiet and we didn't bump into a soul. We started to come across some prints in the trail that I thought at first were a dog and then upon closer inspection realized was moose. This moose apparently loves this trail because we followed these tracks for miles.

Hiking Tripyramids


The trail begins to get very steep and follows a rock slide area. This section lasts for a while and really gets the blood moving and the heart pounding.

Hiking Tripyramids 

When you reach the top of North Tripyramid be mindful of where you are on the map. There are a few trail intersections and none of them are marked very well. We had to consult with two other people to avoid many extra miles in the wrong directions.

Hiking Tripyramids

North Tri has a wooded top with no views to speak of. The hike over to Middle Tri meanders through several nice forested areas but does not include any views either. The top of middle includes some nice views in one direction. 

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