Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hiking Updates

Posing for a Closeup

I've still been working on catching you'all up to us on the list. While I have only posted up to mountains 17 and 18 we are actually all the way up to number 28! The reason I am so behind is because I have been hiking much more than blogging lately- which is always a good thing!

This past weekend we were rooting for a Trans-Presidential Traverse. A Presi Traverse is a long 20 mile plus day that scales all of the peaks in the Presidential range. Depending on your mission and route this includes around seven peaks.

These peaks are all surrounding Mount Washington- the tallest mountain in the northeast- most notoriously known for having the worst weather in the world with some of the strongest wind speeds ever recorded. 

Hiking Hancock Mountains

Needless to say this traverse takes some careful planning, lots of gusto, and physical endurance. We had everything in place for our traverse- but were pushed off the hike due to high wind speed predictions (40-60 sustained and gusts). While we could have summited one or two of the peaks in conditions such as this, making it across an open,above treeline hike for a good 10-20 miles was not likely.

We are not sure if we'll get another chance this fall to attempt it again. We've talked about maybe finishing the list and then doing the traverse. So we will see! Whatever happens I will be sure to share!

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