Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kahtoola Microspikes Product Review: Initial Thoughts

Yesterday we spent the day hiking in our newly purchased Kahtoola Microspikes. We've used Stabiliciers for years and I have to admit are now decidedly fans of the Microspikes. My initial thoughts on how the Microspikes hold up under fairly extreme snow and ice conditions are below.

Microspikes: Fit and Function

We've used the Stabilicers for years on winter hikes and been sorely unsatisfied. Those sneaky little things used to slip off our feet constantly. After trying the Microspikes for only one hike I can already tell a HUGE difference in fit. The Microspikes actually stay on my feet with no adjusting. This is a great thing because when you are above treeline and the elements are pounding you- you really don't want to take your gloves off and fiddle with your footwear.

The packaging for the Microspikes includes detailed sizing info and we followed it to the letter. Since we mainly use foot traction with our bigger winter pack boots we carefully choose the correct sized based on the package and while it seemed a bit big at first- they fit perfectly on our big winter boots. Definitely take into consideration what you plan to use for footwear when buying and sizing these.


Microspikes: Traction on Icy Conditions

First and foremost, let me explain that I don't think Microspikes are the kind of traction you need while walking your dog around town. Microspikes actually need ice and snow to work or else you're clunking around in something unnecessary  For the type of activities we engage in- the Microspikes really held up. They were excellent on a mix of plain ice, snow on top of ice, icy snow, and compact snow.

Microspikes: Final Thoughts

My impression so far is that the Microspikes foot the bill for the type of equipment I need while hiking. I love that they stay on and don't need to be constantly adjusted. I found the sizing to be accurate, but careful consideration and reading of the packaging is needed. I'll post my final thoughts on the Microspikes in the coming weeks and include durability, portability, and more on conditions and fit. Stay tuned!

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