Monday, December 24, 2012

Marmot Women's Zion Jacket Product Review: Initial Thoughts

I purchased the Marmot Women's Zion Jacket because I am a softshell loving freak. I love softshells and wear them constantly adventuring and going out and about town. When I first spotted the Zion jacket online I wanted it red but eventually settled with the black color because of the contrast zips and stitching. It's a lot more subtle and easy to sport everyday.

I've worn the Marmot Women's Zion jacket a handful of times on different types of outdoor adventures- from apple picking, dog walking, wind blown mountains in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire, and in windy, snow blowing cold in the White Mountains. Here's how the Zion holds up....

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Marmot Women's Zion Jacket: Fit

I've long been a huge fan of Marmot (maybe the biggest), particularly their softshells. I literally have softshells from Marmot that I have worn daily, for years, that look brand new. They're incredibly durable and well worth the money. I caution you to really pick something that suits you though- and isn't just a trend or the latest color. Marmot's stuff isn't cheap and it lasts for years so you may as well get something you are crazy about- and will be just as crazy about in five years.

Lately, I've notice that Marmot's cuts have been getting slimmer and more athletic- not a lot of room for layers in some of their pieces. I was nervous about the Zion jacket since I ordered it online and couldn't try it on ahead of time. Fortunately it fits me well and I tend to be a solid medium in everything by every company. The fits is just slightly athletic in the waist, but allows room for some well thought out layers. The arms are nice and long and stay put while you wiggle and fuss with gear, gadgets, and climbing up stuff. I really love how the zippers are placed slightly higher than your usual pocket. Overall, good clean fit.

Marmot Women's Zion Jacket: The Elements

I started bringing my Zion jacket along this fall as we tackled all the Presidential's in New Hampshire. These mountains are home to Mount Washington, where some of the worst weather in the world including fastest wind speeds ever recorded can be found. We hit some big winds on these hikes including sustained speeds of 45-55 mph and gusts of 75 mph (these knock you right over). 

The Zion was crazy bomb proof on these hikes. The hood is perfect in so many ways- it comes right up around your face with tons of ways to fasten it down tighter. The material itself felt amazing against these winds. The winds blew-- I even fell down a few times from it-- but the jacket completely blocked the elements for me. I tend to layer very carefully- so I am sure this had some part in it too.

Marmot Women's Zion Jacket: Final Thoughts

We just started our winter hiking list a few days ago. Our first hike of the season was cold and snowing and the jacket held up nicely for me. As I brave some new elements I'll let you know my final thoughts on the jacket- particularly the waterproofing.

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