Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauty and the Bike

Beauty and the Bike is a wonderful campaign to improve conditions for cyclists in England. The campaign started off to uncover why British girls stop cycling and low and behold- they determined it was the biking infrastructure- or lack thereof.

I certainly live in part of the US that has a very poor infrastructure for cycling. We live off of several main roads which makes for excellent work commutes for some, but very bad cycling for the rest. I've found myself cycling less and less because the roads are so dangerous and the last thing I wanted to do was pack my bike into my car to go for a bike ride.

Anyway, Beauty and the Bike has a wonderful site here and here and a great video documenting the cycling dilemmas for young cyclists in England. I love the parts where the young girl's eyes light up as they say - "it's the independence- it's the freedom."

Because those are the same reasons that I ride.

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Red Bike said...

Having followed a few of this countries 'finest' cycle routes i'm now leaning towards being anti-cycle lane.

Heres a review of the NCR 5 by Johns-cycling.