Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Vest

To me the best, most useful, piece of outdoor gear is a thin vest. When I first discovered my love of the outdoors at boy scout camp, I had a favorite camp counselor who was always sporting one. I soon coveted my own vest and randomly all these years later have realized the vest still tops my favorite outdoor gear list.

Why the vest? Here are my reasons:

Transcends sport

The vest transcends sport. Working perfectly for mountain biking, hiking, climbing, you name it. Now find me a half zip cycling jersey with two back pockets that can do that.

They’re affordable

Something about a vest, maybe the lack of two sleeves, that seems to keep them affordable.

They hide the belly

You can always have the after ride ice cream if you’ve brought your vest along. Wink wink

It’s perfect for Goldilocks

When I ride during the wee morning hours I find that a vest is just enough warmth, but not too much.

Kills the ride up

You know the ride up. You’re biking with a camelback-you’re hiking with a backpack- and your shirt, well you know… it rides up. For some reason vests don’t.